Do more "cool AJAX stuff" with the "Atlas" Control Toolkit

I just saw this announcement.  If you have been working with Atlas, you’ve probably said to yourself “It would be nice if they shipped a [insert need here] control with Atlas.”  Enter the toolkit…


The “Atlas” Control Toolkit is a set of nine great controls and extenders that use “Atlas” technologies and allow developers to easily improve the client experience on their websites.  All of the controls come with full source, and the toolkit also includes Visual Studio 2005 templates to get you started writing your own controls.


The toolkit includes an easy to use SDK that simplifies the process of writing “Atlas” components.  It also has a rich set of sample controls and extenders that make spicing up your Website with rich functionality a snap. Everything you need to get started is inside including full source code, documentation. 


For details check out the site at:

Landing Page:

Toolkit samples live:



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