New VSTS Training Portal

Learn about the power of Visual Studio Team Suite or just get an overview of the product at the just launched VSTS Training Portal.  Materials run from introduction to expert.  If you want to tackle our new SDLC tools, or help justify adding them to your group’s developer tools arsenal, this is the place to go.

— Jeff O

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  1. Anutthara talks about using Team Build with VSS or your own source control.

    Paul Whitaker blogs about…

  2. neongreen says:

    I just used the link you posted and went there…and I gotta say the that there are some great materials there..I mean I can’t say for the other materials cause I still haven’t read them..but the <a href="">intermediate materials</a> are just great..I found most of the stuff I was curious a big THANKS Jeff for providing the link!