MSSCCI for TFS – Back to the Future

Just a quick note from the field; you now have far fewer excuses for not using TFS source control. And even teams of one should use source control, IMHO.

Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider 1.0
We just published v1.0 of the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider (updated URL – may not be live right away) to Microsoft Downloads. This release was tested with the following products:

Visual Studio .NET 2003
Visual C++ 6 SP6
Visual Basic 6 SP6
Visual FoxPro 9 SP1
Microsoft Access 2003 SP2
SQL Server Management Studio
Some of the improvements in this release include:

Added SQL Management Studio Support
Added “Advanced” options for the Get operation
Strong Name signed assemblies
Bug Fixes

Download URL:

Note that use of TFS by one of these clients requries a TFS CAL.  Each of the Visual Studio Team Edition clients (Architect, Developer, Tester, and Suite) includes a TFS CAL, but if you are accessing TFS using MSSCCI you will need a TFS CAL.  The exception to this is if you are using TFS Workgroup Edition.  TFS Workgroup Edition doesn’t require TFS CALs, but it is limited to 5 named users.

Lastly, TFS and TFS CALs will be available for purchase on Volume Agreements starting May 1st.


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Comments (3)

  1. Buck Hodges blogs about TFS Alerts: From address and filtering.

    Charles Sterling talks about upgrading…

  2. oykica says:

    Small typo Ken, both here and on the Microsoft download page. "Visual Visual Basic 6 SP6" has the word "Visual" repeated.

  3. FederalDev says:

    Thanks for the comment…updated with correction.