Developer Dinner (Reston, VA) – March 29th: Windows Communication Foundation (Win an XBOX)


Robert Shelton
Microsoft Federal Developer Evangelist

for a Developer Dinner

Overview of Windows Communication Foundation (code name: Indigo) for Developers

Register today! or call 1-877-MSEVENT (1-877-673-8368) and reference 1032291426.  The Event is at the Microsoft Office @ Reston, VA.  The address is in the invite link above.

Presenters: Robert Shelton, Developer Evangelist

Join us for a 90 minute talk and demonstration on Microsoft’s newest and most exciting technology for building connected systems (or services) which is called Windows Communication Foundation (formerly code named: Indigo).  

It’s rare that I am so impressed by a new technology or addition to the framework, but I’ve never seen anything as cool and easy as Windows Communication Foundation.  

Here’s what I mean:
What if you had to build a single “distributed application” (multi-tiered, and/or distributed on multiple machines) that had the ability to serve external clients (i.e., Web Protocols like HTTP), Message Queuing (MSMQ) for Enterprise Reliability, Fast Binary communication within the network (i.e., Binary encoding over TCP), with Encryption at the message level and transport level,  with the ability to add new requirements within minutes, if necessary.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN, IS IT? 🙂
You would have to learn and implement all of the following technologies:

–       Web Services
–       MSMQ
–       WS-* specs for reliable messaging (potentially through WSE)
–       .NET Remoting
–       .NET Encryption (for encrypting the message)
–       Secure Channeling for the HTTP and the TCP protocols (or hardware)

I don’t know about you, but without taking time to learn some of these technologies, it would not be easy to meet this qualification.  With WCF, I can show you how to do all of this within a few minutes, WITHOUT having to learn how to do (.NET Remoting, MSMQ, Encryption, or how to implement the new WS-* Standards)!  Oh, and you don’t have to modify your existing application very much to use WCF; meaning very few lines of code to get all of this technology application (and more) into an existing application.

This is (to me) is an exciting new option for developers and follows along with the Microsoft Strategy of making the developer more efficient while reducing the lines of code that we have to write (and no, this is not using some sort of code generator 🙂 ).

Note: In addition to the XBOX 360, I have found more of the Visual Basic .NET 2005 Express!  They will be available (one per person) on a “first come, first serve & No Rain-Checks” basis, until they run out.

~ Robert Shelton

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