MIX06: Internet Explorer

One of the goals of the keynotes was to make clear that we strongly support Internet Explorer as a development platform.  We acknowledged that we have gone too long between releases and have committed to a much more frequent release cycle.

A new build of IE 7 was publically released.  You can download it here. This build is layout complete, which means that the rendering engine is feature complete.  This means that now is a good time to start testing your web applications with IE7, because the way they render in this build will be the way that they render in the final build.

For developers, one of the most requested features in IE7 is improved CSS compatability

There are a number of resources which you can use to start getting ready for IE7:

   - Application compatability toolkit

  - Developer checklist

  - IT Pro checklist

For a comprehensive list of IE7 news, please visit the Information Index.

-Marc and David

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