DC Launch…underway

We're midway through the DC Launch and things are going great. Attendance has been awesome, the venue absolutely rocks, interest from our customers/partners in the new products is super encouraging, the keynote went really well, the partners/exhibitors/user groups are getting lots of traffic, and the breakout session are underway. If you attended, would love to hear your feedback (post comments).

Update: It's over and was by all account an awesome event. Tons of great content squeezed into 8 x 75 min sessions. Lots of Q&A and discussions post sessions. 'Ask The Experts' booths and Partner/Exhibitor/Community areas were buzzing all day. The presenters worked super hard preparring for the event and I'm hoping that you got as much (preferrably more ;-)) out of the event as we put into it. We had a blast doing it! Once again, we'd love to hear feedback. Thanks!


Comments (1)

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