SQL Server 2005 System Views Poster

Looking for this poster?

Download the new SQL Server 2005 System Views Poster in PDF format from here: http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/d/f/0dfe488e-a335-4480-8a8a-b405e32f4368/SQL2005_Sys_Views.pdf



Comments (6)

  1. Gary A. Bushey says:

    Know anywhere that we can get a printed version of it?

  2. FederalDev says:

    Unfortunately not Gary. I suspect they will be printed so those sponsors can get exposure…will keep an eye out for the answer and I’ll post it here.


  3. Prakash says:

    What about posters for WinForm or Compact framework etc? Are they available for 2005?

  4. John Birken says:

    It’s nice poster however a downloader needs to be given a chance to enlarge it when printed. No such luck when I tried.

  5. Just one year late, the printed version of this poster can be obtained from SQL Server Magazine.