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Vishwas Lele presented an "Overview of AJAX programming methods with ASP.NET 2.0" at our last Developer Dinner.  During the presentation, Vishwas talked about our upcoming Atlas technology.  During the Q&A session, someone asked what the Atlas team is doing about Section 508 compliance and accessibility in general.  I didn't exactly know the answer so I asked.  Here's what Shanku Niyogi, ASP.NET Group Program Manager, had to say:

"Atlas is based on open standards such as XHTML, CSS, and ECMAScript, and our goal is to have Atlas compliant with accessibility standards such as ADA 508 and WCAG. In addition, we are actively working to provide new patterns in Atlas that make it easy to build accessible AJAX-style applications. Like any AJAX application, Atlas applications have a minimum requirement of a script-enabled client, and therefore cannot comply with the "no script" requirement of WCAG P1, but will comply with all other WCAG requirements."

If you want to get the latest announcements on Atlas, then visit  You can download the deck from Vishwas' session at


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