Visual Studio 6.0 removed from MSDN download on 12/16/2005

Please note that Visual Studio 6.0, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, and all other products containing MSJVM will be withdrawn from availability on MSDN Subscriber Downloads beginning December 16, 2005.  MSDN subscribers interested in this content and eligible to download these products are encouraged to make any needed downloads before this date.  Recipients of MSDN Subscriptions media are encouraged to retain their latest discs containing these products for future use.  Affected products will no longer be included in new MSDN Subscriptions media shipments or in future media updates, and once withdrawn, will not be available in any form from MSDN Subscriptions.

Visual Basic 6.0 will continue to be available until June 30, 2006, after which point it will also be withdrawn from availability.  Microsoft will continue to support products throughout each product’s support lifecycle, but will no longer offer these products.

-- Jeff O

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  1. gduncan411 says:

    Thanks for the heads up and I don’t think you’re in a position to do anything, but I have to ask.. Why?

    I mean Windows 3.1,VB2/3/4, QuickBasic 4.5, C++ 1.52,etc,etc can still be downloaded… Why pull VS/VB6?

    I’m (well my company is) paying a great deal of my MSDN VSTS,uber subscription. And as much as MS might not like it, VB6 will be used for production apps for many years to come…

    I don’t mean to flame you, but I think this is a bad move, one that leaves a nasty taste in my mouth…

    Please pass it on that at least one customer is really not happy about this…

  2. Wolf Logan says:

    The clue is that the product affected are the ones containing the MSJVM (the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine). As I recall, there was a lawsuit between Microsoft and Sun over that JVM, and the result was that it was removed from the market. I’m assuming that this is the final cleanup of Microsoft’s "distribution" of these products.

    Since the suit only involved the *distribution* of the JVM, Microsoft can (and apparently will) continue to *support* the affected products normally…they’re just not allowed to ship them to anyone.

  3. Tim says:

    Wouldnt it just make more sense to remove MSJVM, as far as i know VB6 doesnt actually use it (might be wrong though).

    I wish sun would just goto hell, i mean sure i hate MSJVM as much as the next guy (closely followed by the offical java stuff) but VB6 was what i really learnt to program in and i still make the occasional app in it.

    So not only will it not be possible for people to buy it from shops, but also to impossible to obtain it from MS. So where would one get it after July 2006?

    What would be nice in a screw you gesture to sun is give it away before then and allow it to be given out by anyone (ie freeware) after that. Of course thats wishful thinking on my part, even though MS wont be making any money off it anymore, everyone else has to suffer.

  4. devildog says:

    In my opinion they’re hoping to use this as an excuse to squeeze vb 6 developers to .Net.

    Otherwise there would be an alternate download site for VB 6 with no time limit.

    What will our options be? VB 5 vs. VB.Net? Please!

    This is going to be another major foot-bullet to MS from some management types who just have too much time to think and not enough work to do that actually "produces" something.

    Anyone remember the mess when they attempted to shove .Net down our throats before we were ready? With a useless code conversion process?

    Remember the mass effort required to put out those fires? Surely you guys haven’t forgotten already?

    "Yeah, we’ll just make VB 6.0 unavailable! Yeah! We can blame it on Java! Yeah!! That’s the ticket!!"


  5. Ken says:

    It’s 1/31/2006 and I just went to download VS 6.0 (I need Visual C++ 6.0) and was shocked that it is missing from the MSDN downloads! Then I found this post. MS could redistribute the products without MSJVM if they wanted to, this just blows.

  6. Paul says:

    Dont be sad, after all now you can use the latest .net framework and be able to demand memory and processor upgrades since every line of code that could be compiled will spend forever in the oh so helpful layers of "managed code support" Yay, the day they bring out rad tools for linux…byebye microsoft

  7. Manish says:

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  8. Manish says:

    I use Visual Studio so I need MSDN Very Very Much

  9. cenk says:

    Visual Studio 6.0 removed from MSDN download on 12/16/2005

  10. Tom says:

    Do you know the download link for Visual Studio 6.0

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  12. mate says:

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  20. Somnath says:

    I don’t know what the hell Microsoft is going to do! Spreading .Net is well. But why you are punishing all the developers who use Visual Studio 6.0 ? Thousands of application programmer use Visual Studio 6.0 now and it will continue for years. Why they suffer great inconvenience? If you have a plan to withdraw support from a language, don’t launch it!

    Don’t worry. Google is coming!

  21. Mithilesh says:

    Just Go To Hell. I have no word to express it.

  22. Mithilesh says:

    Just go to hell. I have no word to express it.

  23. Scott says:

    This is disgusting…I don’t need .Net, VB 6.0, Visual C++…I need Visual InterDev…which last I checked was part of VS 6.0…furthermore…why the h3ll can’t I download this!!?!?!?!  

    Riddle me that one…

    One p1ss3d 0ff MSDN subscriber.

  24. dwarka says:

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  25. Bruce says:

    how I wish there was a competitor to bastard microsoft.

  26. Ramshankar says:

    Hi All

    I want to Connect Visual basic application to an access Database placed at the server.

    i any one can help me out the code to connect to the data base placed at the remote server.i had created dsn name  at the  ftp control panel and mapped the databse placed at the server. pls help me out with the following details given below.

    The IP Address=

    dsn Name= access_Resume.dsn

    User id=varcharesume


    Database name=Resume.Mdb

    i had tried in this  Two formats but i am getting error That dsn name not specified.

    1.con.ConnectionString  "DSN=access_Resume.dsn;UID=varcharesume;PWD=varcha;database=Resume.mdb"


    Set en = rdoEnvironments(0)

    en.CursorDriver = rdUseOdbc

    Set vRDCon = en.OpenConnection(dsName:="access_Resume.dsn", Prompt:=rdDriverCompleteRequired, Connect:="uid=varcharesume;pwd=varcha;")

    i am getting error in both the above methods

    pls help me out in writing the code.

    Thank’s in advance



  27. Lucas says:

    I use C++ 6.0 at school and I want to work at home, but now I can’t download it? It’s just an old program… why isn’t it available?

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  29. amir says:

    I am agree with someone who said "forget the  vs 6.0" ,all of you should do that ,dont be lazy ,try to learn new technology! hehe

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  34. Brian Weick says:

    I am trying to install Visual studio 6.0 pro on my laptop and I keep getting a compatibility issue message, how do I fix this. I am running windows vista, the compatibility list has Visual Studio Listed as being supported by Vista.

  35. abc says:

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  36. Sagar says:

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  37. SnoChoJoe says:

    I need to support some applications built in VS 6.0. Not practical to upgrade them to .NET. hmmm I wonder if anyone with power at MS is reading all of these comments.

  38. jack says:

    is there anywhere I can get hold of VS 6.0?

  39. ridan says:

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  43. Scott says:

    Did any one have a solution to the compatibilty issue with VS 6.0 and Vista?

  44. Old Source says:

    With all the old source code (and new source written by old programmers) on the Internet we need Visual Studio 6.0 to compile it without extensive mods to the source.

    If VS 2005 or Orcas had a switch to support old source code that would be OK too.

  45. nitesh says:

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  49. 1 : ̵̾��~3.EXE : 2007/08/19(��) 03:14:15 ID:v1mn3vVq MSDN �ۡ��� �ڡ��� ttp:// Microsoft TechNet: �ۡ��� ttp:// ������ MSDN��TechNet���֥�����ץ���� 6 http://pc1

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  52. paul says:

    This is absurd. Making it available as a free download will not violate Sun’s licence.

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  67. jrm0z says:

    Does anyone have a link to a download for visual c++ version 6.0?  Thanks…

  68. shikha says:


    This is shikha

    My windows vista does not support visual studio 6.0, what should i do?

  69. sundarrajan says:


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  70. Rajesh says:

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  71. jeremy says:

    is it not possible to distribute vc6 without msjvm?  this is ridiculous microsoft

  72. kinokijuf says:

    Is the lawsuit still in power after opensourcing java? If not, would you readd those products?

  73. i do not need vc6 says:

    just to point out I do not require this product at this time,


  74. Is there any Support Forum for Visual C++ 6.0 still available?

  75. Patrick says:

    I need to fix an old legacy app. Remove old dev tools at will is why so many developers are movgin from MSFT to Java dev. I am one of those s now. Struggling for 2 days trying to find a vc6 download to fix a d.. bug. it is ridiculous. Why not provide an obsolete tools library instead of driving devs crazy? too many customers?

  76. PK says:

    I don't know if anyone is reading these comments, but here we go. I need to update a project that relies on Visual Studio 6 and I cannot find VC6 anywhere.

    Random google searches have lead me to torrent sites with malware. Absolutely horrible experience and reflects very poorly on Microsoft. Microsoft people, please fix your download link for Visual Studio 6 on msdn it throws a 404, or remove it altogether.

    If anyone knows of a legitimate download location please post it. I have wasted a few days trying to find this now (not counting desktop repair because of malware associated with bogus VC6 downloads).

  77. AK says:

    NEED MSDN for my project.

    I keep getting the stupid 404 error when using links to Microsoft.

    When I downloaded thru torrent, the zip had an error.

    Than I got some malware called SecureVault which now loads every time I open VB. Sick of it.

    Any one who knows a link to a working MSDN for VS 6.0, I need it.

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  78. James says:

    Thanks a lot Microsoft! We are still selling a successful product that is built under Visual Studio 6. The original development was a significant cost and it is not at the end of its life. After a machine failure we come to setup a new one only to find that even though were paying you for numerous MSDN subscriptions, you have removed it! Do you expect us to re-write the whole application including overcoming all the Direct X and library issues just so we can continue to support it? You continue to publish Windows 3.11 but not this!?

  79. Gudufl says:


    I found this and although you are still paying MSDN this might be a solution depending on how desperate you are for VS6.0. You still have 28days to respond.…/111332193146

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