Adding a user to Active Directory (Screencast)

Have you ever wondered how you could programmatically add a user to Active Directory with .NET (Visual Studio)?  Well, in this screencast you will see a 10 minute walkthrough with all of the steps and sample code needed to do so. 


Watch my screencast at the following location and let me know if you have any questions: Click HERE to view the webcast.


- Robert


Full Url:

Comments (5)

  1. J Man says:

    Nice demo. I hope to use it to add users to a distribution list stored in my AD. The resource slide went by very quickly. Is it possible to add those links to the Channel9 posting?

  2. FederalDev says:

    Thanks J Man,

    I will put the resource links in the description of the screencast today.


  3. Last year I did 3 screencasts on building .NET solutions agains the Active Directory data store, and…

  4. Leire says:

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  5. John Calande III says:

    Hi Robert,

    Great screencast… I have been looking for info on how to do this using AD — not one of the easy things to do.  I was using ADAM previously but had a need to move to AD.

    Very happy to see that activation of the new user is included.  Easy for us to miss.

    Thanks for the demo,


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