Microsoft Certifications — new generation launched today

So today we launched the new generation of Microsoft Certifications. Check out and

Love it, hate it, indifferent? Comment away.



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  1. Austin says:

    I like the fact that it better shows the skill set of the certified person. But part of me is sad that it’ll take more tests to appear as qualified.

    Before, MCSD was 5 tests, and it covered web, windows, and what’s now being termed "enterprise application development". Now, to get the same set of qualifications it’s 7 tests (if I did that right).

    But, in the end, I think it’ll more accurately reflect what someone knows, which should make it more worth it to both the certified person and the employer. Here’s hoping, anyway.

    I do like that SQL is now one test to show general ability with the product. MCDBA is a far step above "I’m decent with SQL" – and now there’s an intermediary step between a DBA certification and no SQL certification at all. A+ on that.

  2. Sergey M says:

    Austin, more tests means more $$$ for Microsoft.

  3. Brendan says:

    Doesn’t look too bad… however I still think I will finish my MCAD (just 1 more test), then pay a visit to the MCSD level and then upgrade.

    I am happy to see the separation being drawn between Windows and Web apps though… I am a desktop apps kind of guy… so questions on CSS and other web exclusive things.

  4. Good to see this differentiations for skills, but I’ve a personal little request regardin MBS Certifications: why MBSCP don’t have a personal logo again?

  5. S Panja says:

    "It … provides professionals in the IT industry with a more relevant, flexible, and cost-effective way to showcase their skills." How come more exams are cost-effective???

  6. Paul Holley says:

    This is great news. As an MCSD.NET, I only need to take Exam 70–553: and Exam 70–554: to be Enterprise MCPD (like, 2 instead of all 7).

    Previously, old MCSD’s needed to take all 5 exams to upgrade to MCSD .NET.

    Bottom line is that this is great news for those previously certified.

    It actually makes a lot of sense, as the Framework is the major upgrade.

  7. Dave says:

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