WCF Configuration Editor

The WinFX SDK installs a number of tools which assist in the building of Windows Communication Foundation services and clients.  One of these tools is the configuration editor.  Very little has been written about this tool, so, even if you’ve been doing a lot of reading about Indigo, you still may not have heard of it.  In fact, in a quick search of the Internet, I was unable to find any references to it outside of the WinFX SDK documentation.  There were no articles, no blog posts, etc.

The tool, SvcConfigEditor.exe, is a graphical user interface for the WCF section of a standard .Net configuration file (web.config, app.config, etc.) .  All of the settings for services, bindings, behaviors and diagnostics can be managed with this tool.  While manually editting the XML configuration files is a good learning experience, it is not something that you want to do on a regular basis.  The configuration editor makes the process quick and easy and allows you to experiment with some of the advanced WCF features that you may have been avoiding.

The tool is available in both Beta 1 and the September CTP.  If you are working at all with WCF, I encourage you to give it a try.  It can be found in “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\WinFX\bin”.


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