Composite UI Application Block Oct CTP is out!

The patterns & practices folks just released the October CTP of the Composite UI Applicatin Block.  In case you aren’t familiar with it, here’s the description:

“Are you considering a Smart Client approach to address the challenges of building Line of Business solutions that interact with many backend systems? Ever wondered what would the architecture and design of a complex UI would look like? Do you need to abstract the “plumbing” of such client applications so your business developers can focus their attention on building the business specific components rather than dealing with complex issues like threading, asynchronous requests, etc.? The Composite UI Application Block (CAB) could be a good candidate.

CAB is a guidance asset (an application block) based on .NET 2.0. It’s intended to provide proven practices to build complex UIs based on simpler “parts” (SmartParts as we call them, “WinParts” in other architectures). This is a recurrent pattern implemented in many well known examples.”

Be sure to read the overview of the CAB on MSDN here.

The gotdotnet workspace is here.  Make sure you click the downloads link in the left nav.  There are Hands-on-Labs available too!


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