Crazy Coincidental Coding, Batman!

My Silverlight cohort and all-round good guy Shawn Oster posted on exactly the same topic that I did at almost exactly the same time… and we didn’t co-ordinate it at all! Creepy, huh? Shawn goes into more detail and calls out one of the key requirements for virtualization, which is that you must have…


I am not PTorr on twitter

Just a quick post… I saw someone linking me to the “ptorr” account on twitter but it’s not me. They probably won’t appreciate folks sending #wp7dev traffic to their account 😉 I’m not on twitter or facebook or anything like that.


What Now?

I have had some readers ask what is to become of this blog. Well, it started out discussing Office Development, then it covered Threat Modelling, and most recently it has been about HDi. There have been several posts about the Pet Shop Boys and then there was this little post, too. That’s the cool thing…


A Concert with PowerPoint Slides?

As you may know, Howard Jones played an acoustic show in Seattle last night with Robin Boult on guitar. The performance was fantastic, and the venue (The Triple Door) was actually quite nice with a limited menu coming from the kitchens of Wild Ginger. (Although I enjoyed the food, I am not really a fan…


Good News

Not one but two bits of good news this morning! Firstly, TWICE reported on Toshiba’s plans for HD DVD this year. Probably the biggest news was that the entry-level HD-A3 player will have a new recommended price of only $149 and that the higher-end models will get similar price cuts. And in other news: Howard…

What I’ve Learnt about Coffee Lids

When I first moved to the US over eight years ago, I thought it was very odd that people put lids on their take-away coffee. I found it quite strange to drink through a hole in a lid rather than to just drink directly from the cup, and routinely discarded the lids in order to…


Wikipedia editing

Short post: In the interests of full disclosure, I’ve started editing Wikipedia on various topics related to HD DVD. Initially I made several “anonymous” edits, but decided to create an account for transparency and so I can “watch” pages as they change. Basically I am just posting this here so nobody “discovers” my edits in…


Tech Acronym of the Day

TPM (Trusted Platform Module): noun. A dedicated chip that performs cryptographic operations and cannot be inspected or tampered with unless you have frickin’ sharks with electron-tunnelling microscopes attached to their heads. OK, so it made someone laugh. Real definition available here.



I fly pretty regularly, but in the past seven years I’ve never had a paper ticket. I always just zip through the electronic check-in counter, passing mild looks of disdain at those other people milling around with their pieces of paper stuck in long winding queues. And they always seem to be anxious and worried…


iRiver Clix First Impressions

My trusty old Rio Carbon died the other day when it fell out of its little carrying case and was abruptly introduced to the cold, harsh reality of a concrete parking garage floor. RIP, Rio. I needed a replacement (otherwise I can’t bear spending time at the gym) but I wasn’t going to buy one…