Recreating the PhoneListBoxItemLayout (and why we cut it)

One of the controls that was shipped in the Mix CTPs of Windows Phone Developer Tools was the PhoneListBoxItemLayout control. We removed this for the Beta, and naturally people are asking how to get it back. Basically the answer is to copy the template from an App.xaml file that was created with the Mix tools,…


Visual Studio 2010 and Windows Phone Developer Tools

Congratulations to the Visual Studio team for releasing the RTM version of Visual Studio 2010! Unfortunately the RTM release has a known incompatibility issue with the Windows Phone Developer Tools released at Mix. We are working on an update – please see the full post by Charlie over at


Engagdet’s post on multi-tasking

Yesterday Engadget had an opinion piece on mobile multitasking, once again borrowing my awesome slide on the topic from Mix (hey Michael, where’s my royalty cheque? 🙂 ). A picture tells a thousand words, and I think this one actually does a pretty good job of explaining what happens on Windows Phone 7 (but then…


Mock Location APIs from my Mix10 Talk

I posted the code from my Mix talk here, which includes the mock location code, but I never used the word “location” in that post so search engines don’t find it. Location location location. We got that location! Got location? You know we do! Note that this mock isn’t complete – it really only has…


Slides, video, and code

The slides and the video of my Mix 10 talk are now available at – thanks again to everyone who made it in-person. The code is now also available — just download the ZIP from here and open the solution in the DemoApp folder. Look for comments in the code and the XAML marked with…


Mix talk is done!

Thanks to everyone who made it to the Building Windows Phone Applications with Silverlight, Part 2 talk this afternoon – so glad to finally be able to share everything with the world! If you missed it (or want to see it again) you should be able to catch it on-line soon at along with…