New "Missing Platform APIs" UserVoice site for Windows Store development

Hopefully you are familiar with the existing WPDev UserVoice site, where you can provide suggestions (or vote on others' suggestions) for developer features to add to Windows. Note that "WP" now stands for "Windows Platform" instead of "Windows Phone," and it is intended to encompass all flavours of Windows.

We've just added an additional sub-site for Missing Platform APIs, where you can provide feedback on APIs that are available for traditional Desktop Windows apps, but not available in the Store Profile. This includes both Win32 / COM and .NET APIs that you'd like to use for compatibility with your existing code, or with 3rd-party libraries that you'd like to use but can't (because they have dependencies on missing APIs).

If there are specific APIs from other operating systems that you would like to see a Windows equivalent of, you can also suggest (or vote on) those.

Remember that, as always, providing an explanation of why you want the API is critically important as we assess what changes to make to the Store Profile over time. There are many cases where the full power of an API is fundamentally incompatible with the Store model, but a restricted use-case (or one that introduces a new capability) might be compelling.

Also, in case you didn't know there is also a UserVoice site for general Windows Phone consumer features.

Comments (2)

  1. Dave Sowers says:

    Windows, all versions, needs a file eraser.  Something to erase/shred a file by overwriting the bits on storage before removing the entry from the catalog.  Today's criminals/governments are very sharp and simply flagging a file as deleted is no longer enough.  I realize that erasing takes time and resources but this is something that the user would specifically request so waiting or passing it to a background process should be fine.  We need this option to continue to use Windows in the future.  People would choose Windows knowing that their data is safer than the competition.  Also toss this one over the wall to the Azure team.

  2. Hi Dave, Windows provides BitLocker for securing files on disk and locking them to a particular machine / PIN / etc. If that's not an option (BitLocker isn't for everyone), you could also use EFS for protecting files. If that doesn't work either, there is an SDelete utility provided by Microsoft as a stand-alone tool (…/bb897443.aspx)

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