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Hello from //BUILD! As you probably know by now, we've released our SDK and have a bunch of content to deliver at the Microsoft campus this week. Time permitting, that means I can get back to blogging about some of the cool new features, but in the mean time you can check out this video I did with Larry a couple of weeks ago that covers what's new for developers in Windows Phone 8.

I'm a bit sad I didn't get Episode 42; that honour went to my boss.

Be sure to check out all the other great content on Channel 9, which is streaming live sessions and interviews and will have on-demand sessions available after the conference.

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  1. Back in Black says:

    And here I thought you got out of WP and into 8.  Well done, sir, well done!

    I did see you in the beta so I knew before this.  I am not diving in head-first this time, though; I already threw away a lot in the WP7, er, WP-beta, era.

    Good luck.  Googllie is doing super-cheap Nexus phones and tablets and you know as well as anybody that Nokia can't do that, not without making it out of cardboard.

  2. Carl Partridge says:

    HI Peter

    Great to see all the amazing things you're doing with Windows Phone.  I wondered if you might post your wrapper for SQLITE WinRT, i.e. so that it can be used with Windows Phone 8.  There is precious little documentation on this online and, at the moment, no obvious way to run Sqlite in Windows Phone 8 without getting a NotSupportedException due to P/Invoke.



  3. Scott Tiger says:

    Hi, Peter.

    When Windows Phone 8 managed code wrapper for SQLite?

  4. Walid says:

    Hi Peter,

    Is the solution/projects that you used in the session "Windows Phone 8: Using C++ in your Applications" available any where ?


  5. ptorr says:

    Hi, we're working on getting the SQLite wrapper published for everyone to use (it's not a complete wrapper of every possible SQLite feature, but it supports the basics). Unfortunately it is out of my hands at the moment.

    As for the other demo, I'll see what I can do.

  6. SQLLiter says:

    I need the Wrapper for SQLite on Win 8 / Win Phone 8 / Win 8RT. Is there a beta/demo/trial/test Version available ? This is very important for me. Thanks

  7. ptorr says:

    Sorry, we still don't have it available. When it is available we will let you know.

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