Revisiting an old post – Application.Terminate

Well, I already did that once today, but in doing so I realized I should address another old post (or two). Yes, in Windows Phone 8 we have added the Application.Terminate method so that you can quickly exit your application in the case of insurmountable roadblocks such as the user refusing to accept the EULA…


Images for Threat Modelling Post

Recently I’ve had several folks ask me for the images for my Threat Modelling Post, which have disappeared due to various back-end changes over the years. The first few times I just e-mailed the Visio diagram, but more people are asking so I updated the post with the images.

Update on sample code

A lot of people are asking for access to the SQLite wrapper I demoed at //build. Rest assured we are working on getting it out to you but it is taking some time. Also I should set expectations in that it is by no means a complete wrapper for all SQLite features but does allow…


Inside Windows Phone 41

Hello from //BUILD! As you probably know by now, we’ve released our SDK and have a bunch of content to deliver at the Microsoft campus this week. Time permitting, that means I can get back to blogging about some of the cool new features, but in the mean time you can check out this video…


Loading WinRT Types via Reflection in Windows 8

Hopefully this will get added to the documentation eventually, but recently I was playing around with some reflection code in Windows 8 Consumer Preview and a few web searches for the “obvious” keywords didn’t yield any results, so I thought I’d post this up in case anyone else falls into the same boat. It’s not…