Mango samples coming soon, no really!

Now that the consumer features of Mango have been announced and the beta developer tools have been released, it's time to make good on my promise to make the Mix / TechEd sample code available to all. I'll also try and post the push notifications code from TechEd that I borrowed from Tom Fennel.

I am in the process of doing this, but it will take a little while; first I need to install the beta software on my home PC to make sure all the demos work just fine (vs from the build I used at TechEd) and then I need to clean things up, add comments, and write a suitably informative post to go with the code.

In the meantime, you can download the tools, crack open the docs, and start partying on the APIs yourself! If you haven't already watched the talks from Mix or TechEd, you can find them here:

Note that Jesse Liberty has beaten me to the punch and already posted a blog entry based on my first Mix demo (notifications and clearing the back stack).


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  1. ROY BEAN says:

    So, if I wanted to run an old 7 app on the new 7.1 emulator, and rebuild for 7.1, and add Microsoft.Phone.Controls. to GestureEventArgs, clean project… clean solution, rebuild, zero warnings, zero errors, and push the red button with the F5 on it, and for my trouble all I get it

    Deployment of application to device failed.

    The parameter is incorrect.

    in the Error List, who should I call?

  2. ROY BEAN says:

    I see more.  Not wanting to.  Even an untouched 7 app emulator deloyment does the same … the blue progress bar at the bottom right made it about half way.  Output window ends with

    Deployment of application to device failed.

    The parameter is incorrect.

    ========== Build: 1 succeeded or up-to-date, 0 failed, 0 skipped ==========

    ========== Deploy: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 skipped ==========

    What's that?  Deploy to device work?  Hm.  Nope.  Same "error", just takes a bit longer.  I broke it real good.

  3. ptorr says:

    Roy, what happens if you create a new project and try to deploy to the emulator?

  4. ROY BEAN says:

    7.1 TK target is 7.0

    Animation in emulator does not work, at least not when using fromY/toY as vertical scroller offsets.  Also, once this is happens (try to .Begin that double animation storyboard), the click events for that page no longer fire so adding injury to insult I have dead buttons.

    Works fine on a device, everything else the same, but pretty much a show-stopper on the new emulator.

  5. ptorr says:

    Please use the support forums if you want to get help with the product. Note that you might find the following post useful:…/503591.aspx

  6. ROY BEAN says:

    I put this over at that link (if that's Wilcox it's only his blog that's off the air: ), but it has not shown up after a week so maybe better luck here.  This is that, which shows why this is not a good idea as it is now done in the 7.1 stuff I have (xde).

    This is 100% broken in mango's xde…/scrolling-so-smooth-like-the-butter-on-a-muffin-how-to-animate-the-horizontal-verticaloffset-properties-of-a-scrollviewer.aspx

    (that is a convenient sample to start any tests you may want to do)

    Nothing moves, for one (it must actually change the y offset for this to be seen).  For two, a button (at coor 100, 100) tap can activate a textbox (say) at 100, 500, or more likely dead space if nothing is at the bogus coors.  I think

    you underestimate the breakage this is causing.  This code is useful to move controls into view that are beyond the bottom of the scrollviewer's view, so the SIP does not scroll these into view (for one, for two, it makes a nice scroll-to-new-position animation).

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