Back means back. Not forwards, not sideways, but back

Windows Phone Mango introduces a lot of great new features for developers: alarms & reminders, pinned secondary tiles, deep-linked toasts, and AppConnect to name just a few. One thing that Mango hasn’t changed, however, is the overall navigation structure of Windows Phone’s “Metro” design and the purpose of the hardware back button. I’ve previously blogged…


BUILD 2011 demos

[Update 9/21] Just got back from //BUILD in Anaheim, and it was a great conference to be at. I presented “Multitasking in Windows Phone” for what seemed like the 100th time, and the slides + video are up on channel 9 but unfortunately the video did not record the slides / demos until about 25 minutes…


More Knowledge Chamber videos on Channel 9

In addition to the multitasking video I did the other week, several other Windows Phone folks have been doing videos, too. A current list (I am sure it will grow): Sean McKenna discusses database support in Mango Thomas Fennel discusses push notifications and live tiles in Mango You can see more Knowledge Chamber videos (including…

Multitasking video on The Knowledge Chamber

If you already follow my blog, you probably know everything you need to know about Mango’s multitasking support… but just in case you don’t, you can check out a video I did with Robert Hess over at Channel 9. Thanks Robert!

Background Agents – Part 3 of 3

In Part 1 we looked at a simple app to get tweets from Twitter, and in Part 2 we looked at the AsyncWorkloadHelper library. In this final part, we’ll look at a couple of the other helper libraries in the project that you might find useful. As before, the code can be found at the…


Background Agents – Part 2 of 3

In Part 1 we looked at a simple Windows Phone application that used a background agent to periodically show a toast and / or update a tile when a new tweet was found for a particular search term. The code we are discussing in this post can be found at the end of that post….


Background Agents – Part 1 of 3

This post has (errr, “These posts have”) been a long time coming. They are based off the Mix 11 and TechEd 2011 sessions I gave a loooooong time ago, but despite my best efforts I’ve not been able to post anything to my blog for some time. Partly it was due to a family vacation…


Alarms and Notifications in Mango

Here’s the first of several posts about the new multitasking features in Windows Phone Mango. Alarms and Notifications is a good place to start because it is the simplest of the new multitasking features (outside of Fast App Switching, but that’s not really an API) and it doesn’t require running code in the background; it…


Mango samples coming soon, no really!

Now that the consumer features of Mango have been announced and the beta developer tools have been released, it’s time to make good on my promise to make the Mix / TechEd sample code available to all. I’ll also try and post the push notifications code from TechEd that I borrowed from Tom Fennel. I…


"Mango" posts coming soon!

Just a quick note – the recorded sessions from Mix are available on Channel 9. I will be posting more on some of the new Mango features soon… still trying to dig out from under the pile of e-mail I received while in Vegas! Also I will get the demo code out to you when…