The Beta Shipped! Plus a quick tip for keyboard input

Wow, I go on holiday for two weeks and the team ships the WP7 Tools Beta - great news! Maybe I should leave more often... 😉

As for that quick tip -- you may notice that the new emulator doesn't respond to hardware keyboard input anymore, leaving you with just the SIP for text entry. This is because the emulator is now closer to a real device, which only supports one or the other (not both) at any given time. Good news is that you can "deploy" and "hide" the hardware keyboard with the PageUp and PageDown keys (or toggle with Pause/Break), enabling you to type quickly (hardware keyboard) and test your code with the SIP. We kept the SIP as the default (rather than the hardware keyboard) since that is likely to be a more common form-factor ("slate"-type devices).

This (and other useful information) is covered in the release notes.

Comments (1)

  1. Adam says:

    More keyboard fun…

    F1 = Back

    F2 = Windows

    F3 = Search

    F7 = Camera

    F9 = Vol +

    F10 = Vol –

    F11 = Bluetooth headset button. This plays/pauses music as well.

    And all of these require the focus to be on the screen, not the buttons. You'll see a thin blue line around the screen when it's in focus.

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