Sorry about the messed-up source code

We have a new blog system setup on MSDN and for some reason I can't get the source code and XAML in my post to appear correctly (and there's no way I'm manually correcting the reams of HTML that are generated when you cut-and-paste colour-coded source from Visual Studio). Hopefully this is a known issue and they'll fix it up soon...

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  1. Trees says:

    Hey Peter,

    I feel your pain… and I think we'd all much rather have you plugging away at wp7 than retrofixing 7 years of posts. Hopefully it's fixed at a platform level.

    I wondered is there a place for us to register issues with the new blogging platform?

    I was hoping to have somewhere to propose the prefix "Blog Post: " on all the msdn posts on the aggregate blog could be removed as it's a bit of a distraction to scanning lots of posts from this and other blogs.

    Interesting post on Manipulation events btw, ty 🙂

  2. jacob4u2 says:

    You're link to the Mock GeoWatcher now results in a 404 not found.  Can you repost the code somewhere?

    The link was,…/9980197.ashx, but doesn't appear to be working now.


  3. ptorr says:

    The server change also caused some URLs for attachments to change; they should now be fixed up (at least for the MIX demo code, which is at…/ Please send me a mail if you find a broken link. Thanks.

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