Recent lack of posts

Just wanted to make a quick post to say I haven’t stopped blogging about Windows Phone, and to offer several excuses as to the lack of content lately 😉

As you can probably imagine, we’re quite busy right now making sure everything is ready to ship. I was also sick for a while and wasn't feeling up to posting. Add to that the fact that I have been covering for my boss the past few weeks and it all adds up to no time for blogging (or even checking the forums, for which I apologise).

That said, I hope to roll out some posts in the coming weeks about the evolution of our thinking around applications on Windows Phone (nothing drastic; just some more concrete guidance around navigation, popups, the back key, etc.) and on some of the other features you’ll see in future refreshes to the tools.

Today I’m going to kick out a small post on a couple of manipulation-related tips; should be up next!

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