Other Windows Phone Silverlight Developer Talks

In case you missed it, the other "core" Windows Phone / Silverlight talks are also up now:

A plethora of invaluable information and cool demos – job well done by everyone! 🙂

You can get all the Windows Phone related talks via http://live.visitmix.com/Sessions#/tags/WindowsPhone/, and of course there are a ton of other great talks about Silverlight, Blend, XNA, IE 9, etc. from the main list at http://live.visitmix.com/Sessions

Comments (2)

  1. Ales says:

    Hi, I watched your presentation, which was great, but you’ve show only single-page app, is there a simple way to create a hub-style app?

  2. ptorr says:

    Hi Ales, right now we don’t have any pre-built controls to help build panoramas / hubs but you can built a "cheap" one with a horizontal StackPanel inside a ScrollViewer for now… we’re looking at ways to get a standard control out in the future.

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