Sliced bread ain’t got nuthin’ on this!

Forget being the best thing since sliced bread – this is the best thing ever. Well maybe not quite that good, but it's still darn cool!

Finally – FINALLY! – you can get decent IntelliSense for JScript inside Visual Studio!

Holy hotcakes, Batman! This is so awesome you have to download Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2
right now and try it out.

Back when I was on the script team, we couldn't get any features into Visual Studio (much to the chagrin of our customers) because all the hype was around ASP.NET. The rich client was dead. It was all about the server. Nobody needed client-side script any more. Everything was a web form post-back.

But now that AJAX and Silverlight and all these other buzzwords are suddenly important, people taking notice of the little script language that could.

Congrats and thanks to the Visual Web Developer and JScript teams – at last, JScript is getting some of the respect it has always deserved! 🙂

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  1. perquin says:

    What version do i need to take for Hdi dev with debugging ?

    Thx for the help and great job

  2. ptorr says:

    I downloaded the "Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 Professional Edition" version, and it gives (somewhat buggy) IntelliSense and lets me debug HDi script if I run HDiSim with the -debug or -jit command-line options

  3. perquin says:

    thx i download it now, and try it

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