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TPM (Trusted Platform Module): noun. A dedicated chip that performs cryptographic operations and cannot be inspected or tampered with unless you have frickin' sharks with electron-tunnelling microscopes attached to their heads.

OK, so it made someone laugh. Real definition available here.

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  1. Anti-fanboy says:

    I was reading some older posts of your blog.

    It amazes me that you would go into deep fanboy mode instead of being objective. "I’m of the HD camp, lalalalala, I can’t hear you"…

    So there’s no real difference between interlaced and progressive scan?? Hahaha

    You should look at the results of compression on a fast motion scene in interlaced and progressive mode.

    Also, what kind of standard is this (HD-DVD) that does not care for the future? 1080i is so last year and older…

    You also dismiss the BD camp with crap quality movies… But that’s nothing to do with the BD standard, but with the crap tools that Sony provides. And as far as quality of software goes, MS is nothing but guilty too…

    I hate fanboy-ism, be it from camp A or camp B.

    Please stop!

  2. ptorr says:

    Anti-fanboy, perhaps I did not explain the interlaced / progressive issue well enough. *PLAYBACK* of filmed content at 30i or 30p is identical; this is what we are discussing. As I mentioned in my previous blog, *RECORDING* of content at 30i or 30p will give very different results (as you note), but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Movies are projected at 24fps and 30i can handle that with ZERO loss of fidelity.

    Anyway, this is all academic since HD DVD fully supports 1080p anyway; movies are encoded for 1080p and any PC player, the Xbox 360, and the newer Toshiba players all do 1080p over the correct connection.

  3. ptorr says:

    P.S. for those of you following along at home, I believe the post in question is

    Funny thing was when I was back in Australia, the Sony store was showing BD playback from their "1080p True High Definition" player onto their "1080p True High Definition" Bravia display, but a quick press of the ‘source’ button revealed it was coming over as 1080i.

    Even the Sony folks can’t tell the difference, because there is none!

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