Casino Royale… no PS 3?

I went to see the new James Bond film yesterday (aka Casino Royale) and it was probably the best Bond film of recent times. Don't get me wrong – I love Pierce Brosnan – but the films were just getting too over-the-top on techno gadgets and so on. I read a recent article where the producers were talking about how they wanted this Bond to be less like the previous ones and rely more on "compelling story" and "realistic relationships"… at least they didn't try to claim "realistic story" 🙂

Anywho, one of the things I was looking out for was just how much Sony product placement there would be in the movie. After all, Sony CEO Howard Stringer has said that Bond would be carrying so much gear that he "won't be able to stand up." And of course, with the film releasing at the same time as the PLAYSTATION 3, it seemed like the perfect vehicle for showing off the new console's shiny new graphics and other cool features, but I guess even Daniel Craig couldn't get his hands on the hardware while shooting the movie because it was nowhere to be seen.

The only Sony products I really noticed were:

  • A blink-and-you'd-miss-it Blu-ray disc being put into a player as Bond reviews surveillance videos. I only barely saw the logo because I was looking so hard for it
  • A pair of Sony-Ericsson phones used by the main characters
  • A Sony camera used by the main Bond girl Eva Green
  • VAIO laptops used in various scenes

So, did anyone else catch any other products? Was the PS3 really there but I missed it?

Comments (2)

  1. KC says:

    FYI.  Here’s a link to CNet that shows the Sony gadgets.

    They did not mention a PS3.


  2. drum all day says:

    Hmm…interesting, WB’s Happy Feet beat out Casino Royale this weekend.

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