Looks like I’ll be down $300 on November 14th

But what better way to spend it than 236 episodes of Friends?

Thank you, Warner Bros.

I hope they offer it on HD DVD so I don't have to have 40+ DVDs lying around...

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  1. anon says:

    You can’t create HD DVDs from standard definition masters. Only film or TV shows that were shot in HD (which Friends wasn’t).

  2. Indeed; I was thinking more in terms of capacity (30GB) rather than in terms of resolution (1080p). You can fit a lot of SD MPEG-2 on a dual-layer HD DVD 🙂

  3. According to Amazon, the DVD box-set "Friends: The One With All Ten Seasons" was released in the US on November 15th 2005. I should know, I have a copy myself.

    What’s being released on the 14th Nov this year is a repackaging job with a collection of extra bits which those of us who’ve already bought the collection (for quite a bit less than $300, I might add) are supposed to desire enough that we buy it all again. Grr.

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