HD DVD Commercial


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Toshiba has a cool HD DVD commercial up on their website at http://www.tacp.toshiba.com/hddvd/

Unfortunately it's a Flash page so I can't give you a direct link <sigh> but you can just click on the image of the helicopter on the right-hand-side of the page.

Comments (3)

  1. Chua Wen Ching says:

    Upon curiousity, hmm… is Microsoft involved in that Toshiba machine? It does not look like there is any Microsoft OS in there?


  2. ptorr says:

    Is Microsoft involved in making Pet Shop Boys music videos? 🙂


    I occasionally link to cool things, and HD DVD is cool.

  3. Chua Wen Ching says:

    Haha okay 🙂 Thanks.

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