More Burnout goodness

Paul just sent an amazing link my way... Burnout: Revenge (official site)!

Oh yeah!

Now you can crash into all the other cars on the road, AND they have added shortcuts to the new maps. These guys really do build the best damn racing franchise ever... imagine what would happen if they dropped the cross-platform requirements and did a dedicated XBox 360 version? Although on that note, Full Auto looks amazingly cool and I look forward to playing it later this year. 🙂

I've just finished playing DOOM 3 on the XBox and it absolutely rocks! Can't wait for Half Life 2. Ooooh, and San Andreas is out next week...

(I know I haven't written anything for a long time now, and I apologise... it's hard to write about my current work, although I have some longer-term projects in mind).


Comments (2)

  1. You know Peter, I’ve communicated with you via blogs and usenet occasionally for years now, and I would have never suspected that you were so much into these games.


    I do have to agree though, that Burnout is the best damn racing franchise ever. It’s actually the reason I bought an XBox. 🙂


  2. Hi i just love it when i can unlock new cars in burnout 4.

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