You MUST see this film!

If you only see one movie this Valentine's Day weekend, you must see Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior.

This incredible film from Thailand is an exhilarating chase / stunt / fight movie about a poor kid from a remote village who must travel to Bangkok to recover a stolen Buddha's head. Imagine a pre-Hollywood Jackie Chan film crossed with a less-violent version of Bloodsport and you'll have some idea of what this movie is about. I won't go into details (read the summary on IMDB), but suffice it to say this was the first time in a long time where I went to a movie and the entire theatre was laughing and cringing and clapping throughout the whole movie.

It's truly impressive stuff.

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  1. css says:

    Yeah I saw it before it was in the U.S. Definately a spectacular film.

  2. Peter Torr says:

    OK, so the "only if it is DIGITALLY SIGNED!!!!" jokes are getting old. This isn’t slashdot, you know.

    I won’t allow any more through (unless they’re really funny).

  3. Peter Torr says:

    That last comment was in response to an anonymous comment that said this (I’m posting the pertinent part because I don’t want people to think I am censoring things):


    [Joke about signing]

    But only by friendly cuddly companies like Verisign who won’t issue certificates to companies with names like Micorsoft, maybe with a few misleading IDN homophones scattered in places… Certainly none of the GPG rubbish!

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