A note about comments

Thanks to the people who leave legitimate comments on the blog -- I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately if you just leave simple comments like "Nice post" it is very hard to tell them apart from spam comments. This means that they may get accidentally bulk-deleted.

Please accept my apologies if I ever delete a genuine comment of yours after mistaking it for spam.

Comments (5)

  1. Nice post!

    Just kidding. 🙂

    Don’t ever feel a need to apologize if the post contains no actual content. Would it actually make you feel better if you were sent 100 genuine posts with people saying "nice post!". Until and unless you start putting up 50 posts here that say "Nice reader"….

  2. Oh, well, I really was serious when I was saying that I like the post about APIs, Object Models, etc.

  3. Peter Torr says:

    Thanks Michael… just wanted to make sure people didn’t get their comments deleted 🙂

  4. patrick says:

    I have noticed that this kind of open comment is going to be a little problem….

    SPAM, in this world,you can find spam everywhere, before(till now) we have email spam, later I got too many telephone "SPAM". And this kind of comment, surely it is going to be a source for people to spam…

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