Branston Pickle

It's the day after Thanksgiving in the USA, and that means turkey sandwiches for lunch!

Unfortunately, 99.99999% of the US population will not enjoy their sandwiches the way they were intended to be, because they've never heard of Branston Pickle.

Perhaps more unfortunately, the 0.00001% of Americans that I've tried to introduce to the delights of Branston Pickle have remarked that it was not entirely agreeable with their palate. Although not in so many words...

If you're up for a treat, you can purchase Branston Pickle on-line at any one of a variety of websites. For reference, I buy my over-priced British goods such as Branston Pickle or Heinz Salad Cream at The British Pantry.

Huh -- is completely broken... says I don't have a "modern" browser, even when I set IE security back to the default settings. Oh well, at least they make good condiments!

Comments (5)

  1. Sweet pickles? Yuk! Gimme those sour dills any day.

  2. Indifferent says:

    There’s going to be a world shortage of Branston… (

  3. richy_roo says:

    Can’t beat the good old branston, especially with a mature cheese or cold turkey..

    Richy (in the UK)

  4. Jhigant says:

    > [..] Huh — is completely broken… says I don’t have a "modern" browser, [..]

    Seems to work fine with Firefox…

  5. jules says:

    I have the great good fortune to live in a place (Big Sur CA) where the local Longs drugstore supplies a broad selection of essential pommie tucker. HP sauce, Branston Pickle, Ribena, Twiglets, Bassets Liquorice Alsorts, McVities Digestives of various flavours Frys Turkish Delight and Henz Salad Cream. Lots of other goodies too. Home away from home for English palates. Our local World Cost Plus has a selection also.

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