New Halo 2 Trailer

I went to see the film Birth the other day, and was surprised to see a new Halo 2 trailer. I don't know anyone who thought the original theatrical trailer for Halo 2 was very exciting, but the new one is much cooler, with more action, snippets of in-game dialog, and a sneak peak at some of the new enemies and environments in Halo 2.

Actually, on further views, the original trailer is pretty well done, it's just that the first time you see it in the theatre -- with no context and no idea what it is about -- all you see is quick flashes of random gameplay that make it almost impossible to tell what is going on.

Massive Spoiler Alert -- the new trailer can be viewed at Gamespot.

November 9th can't come soon enough (well, technically I won't get the game for a few more days due to the massive rush that is sure to happen... but you know what I mean). Until then, Burnout 3 is still the game of the moment.

(Oh, and "Birth" is a dark, slow, weird movie, but I recommend it if you want something that isn't cut from the normal Hollywood cloth).

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  1. Peter Torr says:

    OK, I deleted all comments because I kept getting other people making very nasty comments in reply.

    Some people think that the XBox / Halo is cool, some don’t. Let’s just leave it at that, shall we? 🙂

  2. i think halo 2 is one of the best games ever to be released on any console on and platform to be honest!

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