New Halo 2 Trailer

I went to see the film Birth the other day, and was surprised to see a new Halo 2 trailer. I don’t know anyone who thought the original theatrical trailer for Halo 2 was very exciting, but the new one is much cooler, with more action, snippets of in-game dialog, and a sneak peak at…


Show me the money!

A member of the VSTO team just came to my office and asked, “Is it bad to trust all Office documents on the Local Intranet?” That’s a good question, and after answering it for him I thought it was also worth blogging about (plus I’m hanging around the office waiting until I have to leave…


Threat Models in Action

As you probably know, the first Visual Studio “Whidbey” beta was released a few months ago, and we are hard at work finishing the product for release sometime… soon. ish. As you also probably know, Microsoft is now threat-modelling all new components that go into products as a way to identify and address potential security…


Windows Update, Automatic Update, and SAFER

  Jeroen points out an annoying problem with the new version of Windows Update in his last comment — it doesn’t work from a RunAs-ed Internet Explorer session. This is a known problem with Windows Update that will hopefully be addressed in a future release. Basically, because of the new integration with the Automatic Updates…


October Security Bulletins

Microsoft has released several security bulletins today: ·IT folks can get more information at ·Home users can get information at It seems that only 1 of the bulletins (MS04-038) affects users who have Windows XP SP 2 and Office 2003 SP 1, although don’t take my word for it — check the bulletins…


How many hours does it take to film a lightbulb?

A lot. As you may know, I like to work on independent films as a hobby. I am currently working on another project as an Assistant Director, but I’ll leave out details of that project until it’s done. Anyway, this blog post is not about my weekend hobby, but about shooting a video for work….