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Aaron is blogging about running as non-Admin. Surf on over for some more great tips and insight -- and send your Admin-running friends over there, too!

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  1. This reminds me of the bugs I used to continually encounter following new Service Pack releases.

    I do a lot of real-life and some newsgroup TS support, and almost without fail we would see a spate of problems following new SP final release and installation. Users would lose internet access, printer access, have odd errors due to changed security on registry keys or particular files.

    Inevitably, the problems would not be TS-specific; they were simply minor issues with security which had not been encountered or reported in large enough numbers to cause investigation during SP beta (or early use – most TS admins wait a few weeks at least to install new SPs).

    In spite of the alleged security-consciousness of IT staff, I pretty much came to the conclusion that people repeatedly were taking the easy way out of security issues. When testing SPs, if they had a problem they would elevate their own privileges if they weren’t already running as admins; after deploying SPs, if users had problems, they would elevate THEIR permissions if they weren’t already running as admins. As a result, the first population group to see these minor security problems in large numbers were the TS admins, who don’t dare give everyone full rights.

    Very sad, if true…

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