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You know what I love about car insurance?

It's the fact that the insurance company can charge me $400 for reporting a minor incident for which I didn't actually want them to pay out any money.

Anybody have good recommendations for car insurance companies that don't suck? Or are they all the same?

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  1. jeffdav says:

    They are all the same.

  2. Brendan says:

    So long as you report such a ding, they’ll find out, and they’ll all charge you more. Just like getting a speeding ticket, sure enough they don’t pay for it, but your rates still go up.

    Best way at times to avoid increased rates is to live in a state where “No Fault” means it, and/or where you can avoid reporting some dings so as to prevent your insurance from going up.

    Sadly here in South Dakota, if you have any kind of accident which results in more then 500 dollars in damage, you are required to report it and get a red tag which denotes that it was reported… it is illegal in the state to fix a vehicle with more then 500 dollars worth of damage with out such a tag.

  3. winwar says:

    They’re all the same. And there doesn’t seem to be a damn thing we can do about it.

  4. It’s a racket, for sure, but what’s the alternative?

  5. They are NOT all the same. Switch now. Make a few calls and you’ll see very quickly how much variation there is.

    To whom did you report the accident? Is your driving record clean? In NC, points against your license and "insurance company points" are 2 different things. If your driving record is clean then other insurance companies will not charge the increased rate your current company is trying to charge you.

    I once had 2 insurance points added but the ticket ("failure to stop in order to prevent an accident") was dropped. No $ was paid to the other driver (no damage done) but the company told me they did pay. They gave me the adjuster’s name and number, I contacted him and verified there was no payment nor damages, and the insurance company told me they would drop 1 of the 2 points. I told them no thanks and dropped them.

  6. State Farm Agent (Just Kidding!) says:

    I use State Farm. I dented somebody’s bumber and it was my fault, and I reported it. I paid the same rate the year after the accident that I did before it. Yay!

  7. Philip Rieck says:

    If you meet the (somewhat loose) eligibility requirements, USAA is actually very, very good. Low rates, good service, money back each year when they overcharge the group.

  8. I use Pemco…but this in not an endorsement.

    The whole concept of "insurance history" bugs me also…

  9. prowler says:

    Go to State Farm – I’ve had a few snafus but they have always been very good.

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