Windows Update Day

It's the second Tuesday of the month...

That means it is time to go to and download the latest patches:

MS04-11 - Windows fixes

MS04-12 - RPC/DCOM fixes

MS04-13 - Outlook Express fixes

MS04-14 - JET fixes

Apparently Windows XP SP 2 already contains these fixes (Windows Update tells me there's nothing to do), so if you're running RC 1 then you probably won't have anything to update. You should still visit Windows Update just in case (and make sure you have Automatic Updates turned on, too!)

Comments (4)

  1. Mike Dimmick says:

    Great, the bulletin email notification service is slow again. At least this time the gutter press (e.g. The Inquirer, which is running a particularly brain-dead anti-Windows article today) hasn’t got this information first.

    That TechNet site really needs an RSS feed, IMO.

    Thanks, Peter.

  2. Jerry Pisk says:

    Don’t be fooled by Windows Update V5 not offering you any updates. Just read the EULA, it says that it will not (though it may) include all security updates.

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