A new name for Windows?

In unrelated news, we were joking about silly words at dinner. One of our developers said he hated the word "performant" and that Microsoft was the only place where you would hear it (clearly he is mistaken). Of course I said I didn't like "so" and "like", so we decided that Longhorn should be called "So, like, Performant."

("Unrelated to what?" you might be asking yourself. Well, if I told you that it would take all the mystique out of this post, now wouldn't it?)

Comments (6)

  1. Annita Krapp says:

    Microsoft Spork™

  2. Louis Parks says:

    So, your main ask is that, like, people learn to talk rather than continue to adulterate the language?

  3. jeffdav says:

    Even if we stop using ‘like’ and ‘so’ we will not meet Peter’s bar for proper English.

  4. Over the months, I’ve been wondering peripherally about this thing called blogging, and the other day I finally worked it out. It seems to me that a blog is a place where you can establish new patterns of thought flow. Not like face-to-face speech, not like IM, not like email. A place to put stuff that doesn’t really fit anywhere else. Hmmm… interesting. Having been badgered nearly to death by The Indefatigable Kunicki (and that surely is his full and proper name, rather like The Amazing Marvo or The Divine Miss M) at the VSTO SDR, I decided it would…

  5. life submissiveness says:

    Quite simply put, it should be called ‘winblows’

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