Romance in Movies

So today is "Let's-Make-All-The-Single-People-Feel-Bad-About-Themselves Day," but I'm not about to get upset over a simple chemical imbalance (courtesy of Slashdot).

An interesting thought: People get upset about violence in film and how it supposedly affects children and makes them think that violence is the answer to all problems. But what about sappy romantic films affecting children and making them think that the socially inept but good-natured friend always gets the girl / guy in the end?

has been lying to us for years, and if we don't do something about it soon it's only going to get worse!

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  1. Julie says:

    Well, now, a topic off my own soap box! I couldn’t agree more. As the parent of two small children I am fighting an uphill battle trying to keep them from being bombarded by the morals and vanity of Hollywood. For years we allowed no TV…then began to see that this was creating "forbidden fruit" and we needed a more moderate approach. It’s a sliding slope… it’s entrenched in everything from PBS to Disney to Star Wars. Now, just be careful… if you ever post about children’s nutrition, vaccinations, birth choices or pharmaceutical companies, my comments will be much more soap-boxish 🙂

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