Good discussion of code auditing

Dana has another great blog about auditing code in open and closed environments.

Along with the "many eyes" fallacy used for open source development, I'd also like to see someone with more time on their hands than me tackle the equally fallacious "OSS developers write better code because they do it for love while closed-source developers do it for money" argument or the "OSS developers write better code because it has their name on it and they know other people will look at it while closed-source developers write garbage because it will never see the light of day" argument.

Just because this car is red doesn't mean all cars are red. Maybe they're not teaching basic logic in school these days?

If no-one at Microsoft cares about anything other than the almighty dollar, why am I always blogging about random junk at way-too-much past midnight?!? 🙂

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  1. Ivana Vackoff [MSFT] says:

    First thing to ask for from any project (this is especially fun on Opensource projects) is the design and models man you could cut the silence in the air with a mallet.

  2. Would the pet shop boys be open source developers or commercial developers?

  3. Peter Torr says:

    "Ivana" does not work at Microsoft. I deleted one of their posts as it was offensive.

  4. Peter Torr says:

    Chris: Neil Tennant has a socialist bent, so he would probably be pro-OSS. I think he’d definitely be anti-Microsoft.

    I believe the Boys themselves use Macs, although in "Single/Bilingual" he does say "Information’s easy / Tapping at my PC" and he’s using some kind of really old (and lame looking) generic laptop (definitely NOT a Mac) in the video (which is quite funny, BTW).

    I’d like to meet them one day though… if I make a big budget film I’d love have to have one or more of their songs on the soundtrack 🙂

  5. Louis Parks says:

    Idiot commenters aside, keep up the great blog, Peter!

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