IE patch and other stuff

It's time to go to Windows Update to get the latest IE updates, including the %01 bug address bar bug.

In other news, Dana has a blog entry about the WSH security settings.

Jeroen has an interesting blog about building a JVM on .NET.

The X5 machine is working well with illy ground from my home grinder. So the deal is a good one -- a $500 machine for only $175.

And for those of you who watched the Super Bowl and are on statistics binge, did you know that the Pet Shop Boys are the 4th most popular pop artists in the USA? And to think that most people think they were one-hit wonders.

Comments (4)

  1. Peter, glad to hear that you’re getting good shots from the X5. As they say on, "life’s too short to drink bad coffee…"

    It does sound like a great deal also. So, now I’m wondering if you are getting more traffic in your office now that you’ve got the machine cranking out espresso?

  2. Peter Torr says:

    There used to be a Starbucks Athena machine in the kitchen on our floor, but it got abused by people who didn’t know how to use it (that’s another post..). Then I brought in my old Krups Novo, but that too was on its last legs. I was the only one who used the machines regularly — it’s too much work for most people when they have the free <shudder> Farmer Brothers drip coffee right there.

    But yeah, I’ve gotta get rid of those pods somehow, so I may end up giving away free lattes to people on the team 😉

  3. Teresa says:


  4. Peter Torr says:

    Consider yourself felt-sorry-for 🙂

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