Happy Holidays

Thanks to all my readers, hope you have a happy and safe %HOLIDAY%. I’ll be off-line for a few days, so no comments will get moderated until I return. What a way to end the year ! 😉


I love Slashdot

The comments from my last post are still coming in thick and fast. Thanks to everyone who didn’t just swear at me (and if I didn’t approve your comment, it was because it had too much profanity in it). First things first: I was wrong about uninstalling plug-ins. Thanks to several helpful posters, you can…


How can I trust Firefox?

[Fixed issues with images; sorry] [Removed the clear=all problem; thanks for pointing it out] [Added a follow-up post here] Recently, a lot of volunteers donated money to the Firefox project to pay for a two-page advert in the New York Times. If only they had spent some of that money on improving the security of…


A note about comments

Thanks to the people who leave legitimate comments on the blog — I really appreciate it. Unfortunately if you just leave simple comments like “Nice post” it is very hard to tell them apart from spam comments. This means that they may get accidentally bulk-deleted. Please accept my apologies if I ever delete a genuine…


Changing Abstractions in an Object Model is Hard

Up until recently, I was working on a rather large spec for an as-yet-un-announced product. The majority of the spec consisted of class definitions and the details surrounding their interactions, but there was also a rather large conceptual component to the spec as well; you can’t really dive into 50+ pages of object model specifications…


Career Update

Just thought I’d let people know that I have moved from the Visual Studio Tools for Office team to the Secure Windows Initiative team. Exactly what that means for my blogging activities, I don’t yet know. I haven’t really been doing much of it lately anyway :-/


Branston Pickle

It’s the day after Thanksgiving in the USA, and that means turkey sandwiches for lunch! Unfortunately, 99.99999% of the US population will not enjoy their sandwiches the way they were intended to be, because they’ve never heard of Branston Pickle. Perhaps more unfortunately, the 0.00001% of Americans that I’ve tried to introduce to the delights…


AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers and AppDomain Boundaries

Continuing on from yesterday’s post on creating partially-trusted AppDomains, I had a bit of an e-mail exchange with Robert Hurlbut of Hurlbut Consulting. He wanted me to divulge all my secrets about AppDomains to him over e-mail, but I do intend to post them here as blog entries sooner or later (although, for some reason,…


Creating a partially-trusted AppDomain

Shawn has some great blog entries on how to create restricted (or “sandboxed”) AppDomains in the CLR by setting up custom AppDomain policy. Perhaps not surprisingly, this is one of the techniques used by Visual Studio Tools for Office to ensure that untrusted code doesn’t run inside an Office solution. (And, for the curious, here’s…


Amazing Pet Shop Boys fan site

Wayne Studer has on his site “interpretations and analyses of every song written or performed by Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant” — pretty darn impressive! You can catch the goodness at http://www.geowayne.com/psbhtml.htm Personally, I think one of the most powerful lines they’ve ever written comes from Jealousy, on the very melancholy album Behaviour: I wish…