Developers frustrated by Administrators

A link on Slashdot points to a rant about why one developer thinks that administrators are the scum of the earth. There are some good counter arguments on the comments page.

It's interesting because we spend quite a bit of time at work trying to make sure that the products we design for developers will actually be sanctioned by administrators. There's no point in building the world's best enterprise development tool if nobody is allowed to install it.

Getting most developer scenarios to work as a normal user in Visual Studio is one aspect of this ongoing effort.

Comments (2)

  1. JohnW says:

    I recently re-paved my dev box and tried keeping myself as a non-admin following this very article. Eventually I gave up because debugging both ASP.NET and ASP apps from within VStudio was difficult and onerous at best. Gotta change machine config, gotta attach to the process as another user, etc., etc. I think that VStudio & .NET need just a little bit more to make it work smoothly.

  2. Peter Torr says:

    Agree with you there John. ASP. NET and Smart Device development still require elevated privileges, X former because it relies on the ability to take control of a process owned by another user; the later because they install some kind of device driver.

    I hope they both improve in "Whidbey," but I don’t know for sure of any plans to do that.

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