Why is the VSTO project folder named Project_bin?

I just received some e-mail
from someone who was not sure why we chose Project_bin
as the output directory of our VSTO solutions. They ended up changing the
output location to bin, presumably
to make it look more like a normal project.

Well, we chose that name instead
of just bin because we expect people
to deploy their VSTO solutions to ASP .NET web servers, and on a web server there
are explicit rules that disallow downloads of DLLs from the bin directory.

So if the default was bin, they'd get the code working on
their local machines, but when they copied it to the web server the assemblies
would fail to download. Then everyone would complain about how security is a
pain and Microsoft really doesn't get it and anyway shouldn't we have chosen a
better default name for our output directories in the first place?

So there you have it 😉

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