WordBlogX 1.1 Coming Along Nicely…

Rob and I are both working on
WordBlogX tonight. We've got the WordML -> HTML conversion working (needed
to update the namespace declarations from Beta 2 to RTM) and now Rob is
finishing up some Regex hacks to strip the unneeded document elements (<HEAD>, etc) and to map the
classnames to inline styles (since we don't own the header any more...)

been working on lots of stuff like being able to read blog URLs out of a
configuration file, invoking the "Save As" dialog using a default
filename based off the blog title or created date (based on a config file
setting), some debug forms and a confirmation dialog. I'm about to also add a
"Remember my Password" option, using DPAPI to store the encrypted
password in the registry.

entry is still using the hacky copy-to-clipboard HTML conversion because Rob
hasn't checked in his changes yet... but it will be coming soon to a browser
window near you!

Comments (1)

  1. Siew Moi Khor says:

    This is more than we asked for. How fantastic. You know the BlogX test server you mentioned two days ago does sound really good… Think how many people can help test this thing 😉 http://blogs.gotdotnet.com/ptorr/PermaLink.aspx/0ff153b7-1297-4039-86db-b77d7bf66504 ok, just kidding. That would be asking for the sky.

    Wondering if Rob will ever explain his fascination with the u in "favourite". Think maybe he’s English somehow…

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