Updating WordBlogX

I've spent much of this
afternoon playing around with the WordBlogX code, adding a few simple features,
cleaning up the code a lot, and modularising everything.

I keep telling Rob that I feel like I'm
over-engineering everything, but as they say "if it's worth doing, it's
worth doing properly."

Oh well.

We actually have it under
source control now. Once I've finished with this cleanup then either Rob or I
will add the code to do the correct WordML --> HTML transform and enable
some richer formatting options, Rob will finalise his setup routines, and then
we'll re-post it to GotDotNet in a much
more usable fashion.

Then we'll add support for
the configuration files and other such stuff. We may need to setup our own
BlogX test server before too long 😉

As Rob asked me before,
"Why are you a PM again?" referring to the fact that I like to code,
and PMs (Program
) typically don't write code.

Oh well. Again.

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  1. Siew Moi Khor says:

    So i’m a bit confused as to where we are in the "Adventures of Peter and Rob with WordBlogX". So I thought as of http://blogs.gotdotnet.com/robmen/commentview.aspx/3124a5ae-41c9-4259-85b3-fbbee218fca5 Rob is taking your v1.0 as the base and working on v1.1 + setup. But from this blog entry, i’m not sure if you’re working on that v1.1 of his or working on a v1.1 of your own separate from Rob (tho’ he’ll be doing the setup and maybe the transform). It sounds like the latter.

    Actually I remember you only promised us a rudimentary proof of concept sample when we bugged you to release your code as you don’t have time. So anything else is bonus 😉

    Actually the Q should be, "Why are you not making movies full time??!"

    Anyway, seriously, I’ve worked with quite a number of PMs who also like to code and it makes a lot of difference and is a real bonus. btw, you’re one of the best PMs I’ve the pleasure to work with. You’ve very forward thinking, visionary, and have great design ideas, architecture, use of all the different technologies, broad and in-depth security knowledgeimplementation… so it’s very easy to discuss issues with you. And you’re great with customers and giving presentations. Need i say more?

    But of course, if you choose to be an SDE, you’ll be just as good. But i can just see you tearing some PM’s design to shreds 😉

    btw, did I forget to say how much I like your security design for vsto loader ? It absolutely rocks!

  2. Peter and I are collaborating. He was getting tired of waiting for me to get the WordML stuff and wanted to add some other niceties. In any case, we use WordBlogX for all of our blogging now so any bugs in there tend to get annoying after a while. As for the setup, I think WordBlogX is a good tool so I’m trying to make it easier for other people to just pick up use. I also plan to use all the setup work I do for WordBlogX as the foundation for future blog entries about deferred CustomActions and companion files and fun stuff like that.

  3. Peter Torr says:

    Wow Siew Moi; your comment is longer than my post ;-). Thankyou for your kind words. I don’t think I’d make it as a dev at Microsoft because I’m too random. Plus I like doing PM stuff like going to conferences and meeting customers.

    I don’t know if the design of VSTO is that amazing… put the pieces together and it just kind of falls out. The CLR guys (like Greg) gave us a great policy system; we’re just using it 🙂

    As for the movies… well maybe I’ll write more about that soon.

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