Future blogs

I really wanted to spend some time today going over common
misunderstandings about the GAC, about strongnames, about "Safe for
Scripting" and "Safe for Initialisation", and other such things
related to trust, safety, etc (much as Eric Lippert did in a recent
) because although it's actually a very simple concept, most people
(even very smart software engineers) don't understand it very well, and the
topic keeps coming up again and again.

I also want to do a blogised (?) version of my TechEd
security presentation, which has helped a lot of people actually understand
.NET security policy rather than have it as this big amorphous blob of
glazed-over-eyeness that they try to ignore for as long as possible.

Alas I am too tired tonight, but at least now I've made a
commitment and must follow through with it at some stage.

Other future entries might deal with localisation issues in
VSTO, random JScript thoughts, more on VBA and macro storage, code repurposing
<shudder>, and so on. Plus maybe some more personal topics (although I
promise not to say too much more about the Pet Shop Boys)

if you're dying to hear about something that you think I might have the scoop
on (whether it be a technical issue or you just want my oh-so-humble opinion),
just let me know 😉

Comments (2)

  1. Jeroen says:

    PSB rock! Mention them all you want 🙂

  2. Siew Moi Khor says:

    Topic requests:
    1. When programmatically adding a subgroup, one issue that confuses people is that they can’t modify it in place. They have to copy the group, update it, and then replace it back into the root. Maybe you can talk about it a bit more?

    2. re creating deployment project using the .NET Conf tool deployment package wizard, you once said that it’ll copy the entire policy level and overwrite the User policy level. Could you elaborate on that? Any other scenarios that cause policy to be overwritten that one should be aware of? Don’t want to accidentally overwrite a policy.

    I’m also interested in server side and IE security. Don’t know very much about them. Thanks! And I agree with Jeroen, you may gush all you want about PSB 😉

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