Funny error message and some old memories

In an attempt to "out-Raymond Raymond" (a common
, it seems) I hereby post a funny error message from Windows 95:

'The Internet' cannot
be stored in the Recycle Bin

Whoever thought that was a good message? It appeared when you
tried to delete the icon on the desktop labelled "The Internet", in the
glorious days of Internet Explorer 1.0

I actually came across this browsing some of my very old, pre-Microsoft
posts on usenet. I thought they'd turn out to be quite embarrasing now, 8 years
later, but from the few I've read they're actually not so bad (here
and here)

Does anyone else hate the "feature" in IE where you
select part of an address in the address bar (say the end of a querystring) and
hit the delete key.... only to have IE
immediately replace it with what you just
? It's an annoying bug in their "autocomplete" code that I
wish they would fix. And when they fix that, they should fix the "delayed-action"
selection of items in drop-down lists that mean the item you clicked on isn't necessarily
the item that gets selected...

Comments (3)

  1. Jim Ley says:

    Yes, the auto-complete feature is horrible, so is the lack of CTRL-K to delete the rest of the line, leading to great confusion and difficulty when you’re trying to paste part of an IE link into konqueror, if onlt we could have a truly unified configurable window manager, and not have to hack things together from all of over the place.

  2. Mike Dunn says:

    Speaking of Win 95 error messages, I once got the standard GPF message box, but the caption was "Windows 95", and the text was "Windows 95 has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down."

    D’oh! 😉

  3. Dan F says:

    That autocomplete drives me barmy! I use winkey+r a lot, having to double-backspace almost negates the benefit of being able to type the first three chars of pretty much any of my fave proggies that I want to launch.

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