Dr. Who is BACK!

As I mentioned in a previous
, I'm a big Dr. Who
fan. And as several friends have already told me today, it's been announced
(comments here)
that Dr. Who will be back in 2005! Everyone rejoice!

I joked that Pierce
should be the new Doctor so he can introduce himself as "I'm
Who. Dr. Who". A friend suggested Samuel L. Jackson, who would use
a slightly more aggressive (and hence not printable here) introduction ;-). But
really I hope they cast some "unknown" actor to play the Doctor.

I also hope they keep the show "cheap" and go for
practical effects (is that the right word? You know, using models, puppets, men
in rubber suits, etc.) rather than CGI. Red
(warning: site requires script), another great TV series, seemed to
get worse when they started using more CGI in the later series (perhaps the
writing just got bad; who knows?). Others seem to agree.

Although people tend to forget that Dr. Who was pretty
high-tech back in the day...

I'm also awaiting the return of Blake's 7, or at least a
DVD box set of the entire series. Apparently there is some talk of a TV mini-series effort (warning: site
requires Flash. First thing it did was spawn a full screen IE window, which appeared on the wrong monitor!) being made by Avon (Paul Darrow, the best
character in the show).

And tonight, I'm off to see Underworld. Mmmmm, vampires.

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  1. Siew Moi Khor says:

    Regarding watching bad movies, I was a closet bad movie watcher until I met you and co. Didn’t want people to think I’ve no taste 😉

    I think you probably watched a lot more bad movies than me. But i’m multi-lingual, so I watch not only bad English movies, but also Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay, Indonesian, Tamil, Hindi… and at one time bad Arabic, French & German movies when I was studying those languages. And I haven’t even started on Chinese operas… This doesn’t sound good.

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